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Sleeki Insider

Best Christmas Gifts for Him Under £40

1st December 2020

Easy, no-nonsense gift ideas

We all love giving gifts at Christmas, but some people are just really hard to buy for! And these days it can be hard to find gifts people will actually use. There’s nothing worse than finding out the gift you bought someone for Christmas ended up on eBay several hours later. Cringe!

That’s why we’ve compiled a short, no-nonsense list of useful Christmas gifts for him, all under £40.

Sleeki Portable Phone Charger

portable wireless charger

Now, this is a gift that anyone can make use of! Everyone has some kind of portable device that they need to keep charged up to use when needed. For most people, that’s a smartphone or tablet. But, it could be anything from Bluetooth headphones to electric body warmers!

Why Sleeki?

So what makes this portable phone charger so special? A Sleeki offers multiple methods of charging in just one device. Does the person you’re buying for have an iPhone but is given an Android phone for work? No problem, Sleeki can charge both… at the same time.

In fact, Sleeki can charge 4 separate devices simultaneously. It has been specially designed to handle multiple input and output devices, making it one of the most versatile and portable chargers out there… Perfect if you don’t know what wall charger they currently use. Hidden away within the device, you’ll find:

  • Integrated Lightning Cable
  • Integrated Micro-USB cable (with USB-C adapter)
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Standard USB Port
  • Input for all of the above for charging the Sleeki itself

With the power to charge 4 devices in your pocket, you don’t even need to know what phone they’ve got, it’s guaranteed to be compatible. And carrying a mighty 10,000 mAh, it’s got the power to fully charge an iPhone X 3 times with some juice to spare.

And to top it all off, Sleekis have LED screens to display the current charge level. They’ll always know how much juice is left and when it reaches 0, it takes just 2 hours to charge up again.

Sleeki Portable Phone Charger – Buy Now

Luxbe Wine Decanter

Gadgets aren’t the first thing you think of when it comes to wine but if the person you’re buying for is a wine enthusiast or enjoys hosting dinner guests, this is an ideal Christmas gift. It adds a layer of elegance and sophistication to your wine experience and this particular model is designed to make the red wine taste better.

Why Luxbe?

Whilst the Luxbe Wine Decanter is designed to look all fancy and stylish, it’s main purpose is to improve the purity, aroma and taste of the wine itself.

At the top of the decanter, you’ll find an aerator that beautifully and dramatically disperses the wine as it’s poured in. This allows the wine to breathe, softening the flavours and releasing its aromas much more quickly.

The decanter can take up to 1 litre of wine (don’t worry, you can fill it up again!) and still provide maximum aeration. The bottom of the decanter is deliberately wide so that this can happen.

Overall, these features on the Luxbe decanter lead to a better tasting wine. For extra brownie points, you could even include a bottle of wine with this Christmas gift!

Body Sculpture BB6000 Ab

Has someone you’re close to been unable to exercise due to the pandemic? Maybe they’re no longer comfortable going to the crowded gym or they’re the home gym type. If you think they’d appreciate a chance to the “flatten the curve” the Body Sculpture BB6000 would be a welcome Christmas gift!

Why Body Sculpture?

This exercise apparatus is designed to improve your abdominal exercises. It helps people focus their movement on the abdominal, oblique and core muscles only. Over time, the trimmer will tone the muscles and flatten the abs, for a great toned look.

The added benefit to this is that it provides comfort and support. The Ab Trimmer has a headrest that reduces stress in the neck area and keeps the workout comfortable with padded armrests.

It’s easy to wipe clean too, so if you’re gifting this to someone you live with for Christmas, you could also try it out for yourself!

Russell Hobbs 24180 Chalkboard Slow Cooker

Slow cookers should be every man’s best friend. Whether the person you’re buying for is culinarily challenged or the next Jamie Oliver, everyone can make use of a slow cooker. All you have to do is throw in the ingredients, choose a high or low cooking setting and leave it to cook during the day. Saving time and effort, there are no more excuses for a sub-par meal!

Why the Russell Hobbs 24180?

The chalk, of course! You may have noticed this particular model of slow cooker adds a little fun to the mix. The outside of the cooker has a matt black power coating meaning you can write on it in chalk! Let people know what’s for dinner or when they can expect it to be ready. Useful and gimmicky at the same time!

The cooker is 23 x 23 x 23 cm, so it should easily fit within any kitchen, especially if their kitchen is lacking in equipment anyway! The size gives the cooker a 3.5 litre capacity, perfect for up to 4 meals. Great for a family of four or four prepped meals for a single gentleman!

In addition to a high and low heat setting, this cookpot with a twist comes with a warm setting that will keep food warm until it’s ready to eat. It’s also got a glass lid so you can keep an eye on your food (not that you really need to!). All of the slow cookers features are pretty cool, but did we mention the chalk?

AUKEY True Wireless Earphones

It’s very rare we meet someone who doesn’t like music. It’s like meeting someone who has genuphobia (which is the fear of knees)! This is why we think a pair of wireless earphones would be a useful gadget gift for anyone! And wireless earphones don’t have to be super expensive either. There are brands out there like AUKEY that offer similar features to other brands such as Beats or Apple for a fraction of the price. The AUKEY True Wireless Headphones are a perfect example of that.


Firstly, AUKEY is a reputable brand within the tech and gadgets industry. They’ve been doing this for a while now and are keeping up well with the big players in terms of quality. Secondly, it’s the price. The RRP is £39.99 (even less if they’re on offer) which makes them less of a problem when buying them as a gift. It doesn’t break the bank, they’re useful and modern.

These earphones have noise-canceling technology, great for shutting out distractions and unwanted noise. They’re compatible with over 50 different devices, including Apple, Samsung, Sony and LG devices and offer some water resistance.

Just like other (more expensive!) earphones, they have modern touch-sensitive controls on the earphones themselves to play, pause or skip music, answer or reject calls and interact with mobile voice assistants. Apple who?

We promised to make the list useful and if these weren’t the gift ideas you were looking for, you could always treat yourself instead!?

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