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Sleeki Insider

Best Christmas Gifts for Her Under £40

30th November 2020

Do those sleigh bells ringing bring you excitement? Or do they stress you out when you realise you’ve got no idea what to buy for people?

Buying someone a Christmas gift can be difficult sometimes! You want to get them something that doesn’t break the bank but something that they’re not going to throw away the moment you leave. We’ve all received gifts we didn’t like before and not only can it be awkward, but it also suggests that person doesn’t know much about you!

With this short, no-nonsense list of gifts people will actually use, you’ll avoid those dreaded awkward moments!

Sleeki Portable Phone Charger – £39.99

group image of power bank wireless chargers

This is a gift anyone can make use of. From persistent selfie-takers and social media influencers to people who like to travel a lot, a Sleeki is ideal for any smartphone lover. It’s the perfect companion.

So what makes it so special? Not only is it sleek and stylish enough for people to ask where you got it, and it’s also pocket-sized and contains everything you need. That’s right, everything you need – no extra cables required to charge your smartphone! And that’s all down to it’s special design. We like to call it the Swiss Army Knife of phone chargers! Inside you’ll find:

  • Integrated Lightning Cable
  • Integrated Micro-USB cable (with USB-C adapter)
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Standard USB Port
  • Input for all of the above for charging the Sleeki itself

With all of these charging options, you can charge any smartphone. Sleeki is also ideal for charging other battery-powered electronic devices too, like Bluetooth earphones.

The device has a total of 10,000 mAh charging capacity, which means it will fully charge an iPhone X three times with some juice to spare. There’s also a handy LED display, that lets you know the battery percentage, so you never get caught without some of that valuable juice.

Revlon Pediprep Foot Spa and Pedicure Set

For those into their beauty, this neat gadget prepares you for your pedicure and brings the relaxation of a spa into the home. Simply add some water at your desired temperature, switch it on, and let the bubbles relax you!

The foot spa contains a mechanical rolling massage and a pumice stone to help massage and revive tired feet before performing the pedicure.

The foot spa is also equipped with a footrest for when the bubbly massage has finished. On there, your friend/partner/family member/secret Santa can begin using some of the 9 different accessories to finish their pedicure. It also comes with 9 different accessories to help them look after their nails. These accessories include a brush, nail cleaner, cuticle pushers, cuticle scissors, toe separators, emery board, and storage pouch.

COULAX Wake Up Light

What we especially like about this light is that it has intelligent sunrise and sunset simulations that help you drift off and wake up gently in the morning. They work alongside the alarm to help you wake up naturally. You can set the simulation to begin anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour before you need to sleep or wake up.

To add to the gentleness of the product, you can select from a range of different sounds to wake up to such as bird sounds, running water, or soft music. You also get the good ol’ classic “beep” if you’re a little tougher to wake up in the morning. There’s even two alarm settings, one for weekdays and the other for weekends, making sure you get those well-earned lie-ins. The light also acts as a multicoloured atmosphere light with an FM radio if you need it.

The wake-up light can be used by anyone but would be especially appreciated by people with blackout curtains or those who struggle to wake up during the dark winter mornings. As a less abrupt and more natural way of waking up, it’s a great way to regulate your body clock.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Everyone who has chosen not to live under a rock has heard of Amazon’s Echo, or Alexa. With the 4th Generation now available to buy, the 3rd Generation of Echo Dots have been reduced to £39.99, making them a great Christmas present for under £40.

The Amazon Echo Dot, with the Alexa Assistant, is a smart speaker that acts like the assistants that we find integrated with our smartphones. It allows you to control music and audiobooks with your voice as well as hear the news, check the weather, set reminders, make calls or (if you’re feeling lonely) have a conversation and play games!

You can even take things one step further and allow Alexa to power a smart home. With smart devices, you can ask Alexa to turn on lights, lock doors and more. You just need a compatible smart device. If you’re feeling generous, you could even get them started on building a smart home by including a smart bulb or something similar.

Aicook Professional Juicer

Our last really useful Christmas gift idea is the Aicook Juicer. This will likely be very useful at the start of the New Year, when health and fitness interest is at its highest. Having said that, health and fitness has been a concern for most of 2020! With a gift like this, you’re looking out for her health at the same time as giving her a cool gadget. You may even get some nice freshly made juice too!

The juicer comes with 3 different speeds for producing up to 450 ml of juice. Slow speed (for softer fruits such as oranges, watermelons and grapes), high speed (for harder fruit and veg such as carrots or celery) and finally, a high powered pulse for a quick burst to cut through hard food. It’s designed to be easy to clean and can be assembled or disassembled with minimal effort. Let’s face it, no one wants to spend an age clearing up before they can enjoy fresh juice.

To reassure the danger prone, the juicer comes with security locks and overheating protections and will only operate when the device is assembled properly in the secure position. It automatically stops after a long time in operation or when things begin to overheat.

For such a low price tag, you might question the quality of the juicer or be worried about it breaking. But, this juice-making machine comes with a 2 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, which suggests a lot of confidence in this product.

We promised to make this list useful and if these weren’t the gift ideas you were looking for, you could always treat yourself instead!?

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