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Best Power Bank – Inside Tips!

1st June 2019

First Off, How Long Do Battery Chargers Last?

Nowadays, we are pretty lucky with the vast range of technology we have access to in order to keep the day-to-day running of our lives streamlined and smooth. But something that can be of concern is keeping all our digital devices charged with the best power bank and full of life to help both them and us reach our full potential.

The introduction of power banks in recent years has meant that we can keep our most used devices charged while on the go and out and about.

This can be particularly important when away from home for long periods of time with no access to a plug-in charger or if you simply need to give your phone a little boost while you’re out. But how long do portable battery chargers last both in the short and long term?

The Lifeline of The Best Power Bank

In the long term, the standard service life of the best power bank is around three years. But what exactly determines the battery life? Well, the biggest component that can affect the working life of the battery is the cell of the battery.

Most standard battery chargers can charge up to 500 times in its lifetime, while more powerful packs can charge up to about 800-900 times during their lifespan.

If you take the charging capacity of 5000mAh and 500 times charge/recharge as an example and charge the portable charger every two days or so, it could potentially be used for 1,000 days which roughly equates to around three years.

Quality Portable Charging with the Best Power Bank

When shopping for the best power bank, it’s definitely better to invest in one that is genuine and high-quality. And while you can generally use it for more than two or three years, it is recommended that you buy a portable charger with quality assurance and from a company with an excellent reputation to prevent any potential problems.

Did you know that an excellent quality portable charger will become less durable if you do not use it properly? So, how exactly do you use your power bank correctly in order to get the most from it? As a starting point, try to always keep the battery power in a half-full charged state. Charging the battery after using 50% of it, although the charging times are increased, means that the damage to the cell is lower.

Key Tips

A portable charger does not do well in very cold or overly hot environments, so please pay attention to the temperature when using your power bank and when storing it. If your portable battery charger is subjected to extreme temperatures, it may not last as long as three years.

What’s really important to remember is that power banks are not waterproof, and it can be very dangerous to get them wet.

When you first purchase your new power bank, take some time to familiarise yourself with the instructions, the how to use guide and any maintenance that the portable charging device may require in order to extend its life and allow you to get the most from it. Happy charging!